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It's an unwritten rule that installing the best Internet security program is the only way to ensure that your PC is fully protected from hackers and all types of malware. Every day, Internet users hear countless horror stories of past experiences they've been through because they didn't had the best Internet security program installed on their hard drive. Some browsers come with built-in antivirus programs and provide enhanced security. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are known for their advanced safety features. However, if you want to be fully protected, you need to install third party software or hire an Internet security company.

Here are some tips to consider whenever you are shopping around for the best security program:

Customer Support

The best Internet security company will have outstanding customer support at the core of their business. You should be able to contact a customer support representative on a 24/7/365 basis via e-mail, live chat, or telephone.

Ease of Use

You should search for a security program that does not drain the resources of your computer system and is easy to install. The best Internet security program is simple to navigate through and provides you with a troubleshooting guide as well as a tutorial for how to use the application.

Browser Compatibility

The program you choose should be fully compatible with your browser. Some older versions of your current browser might not support new antivirus software.


Watch out for Internet security program sellers that claim their software program "has it all" and is the best internet security software that you will find anywhere. Features that you want to look for are:

• anti-virus and spyware protection
• a firewall
• parental controls
• registry, rootkit, and spam protection

Any additional features are just icing on the cake, but you want to make sure that the program does have the ones mentioned here.


Saving money is always a primary consideration for many people out there, but you don't want to go too cheap or rely on free security programs to do the job for you. These are extremely limited in just how much protection they will afford the user and really aren't the best applications to use.

Updates and Scanning Capabilities

If the security program provides you with automatic updates and real-time scanning capabilities this should also be included in your criteria for choosing the best internet security application. Finally, you want to remember that technology and web-based threats never sleep. Having a secure web browser and using advanced antivirus software is the best way to protect your privacy online.


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