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The 'big boys' don't want you to know this but the truth is very simple: There is no reason to spend money on any internet security software because there are free products available that can meet or exceed the quality of purchased software! The only area where free security software lags is in the total security suites category. This means that you will not be able to find one free product to take care of all your security needs. But when you consider that these products are free you should not find this to be a disadvantage.

There are dozens of free security software programs available in many software classes such as antispam (SPAMfighter, MailWasher), antispyware (SpyCatcher, Spyware Terminator), content filtering (K9 Web Protection, Naomi), privacy protection (Browzar, CCleaner), password managers (KeyWallet, Roboform) and many more.

There are a variety of reasons these products are free. Some of them are slightly reduced function versions of commercial products, some of them were created to generate interest in the company that created them and others are available simply because there are actually people interested in the greater good of a more secure internet for all of us. Many of these free products are highly rated but they are not promoted because there is no money to be made in free software, so they rely on others to spread the word.

One of the best free security products that we have found is Comodo Antivirus. This is a full featured piece of software that can stand up to the likes of Norton Antivirus, NOD32 and McAfee. We have used it on all of our test machines and most of our other systems. Another great piece of software is also from Comodo and is their free Comodo Firewall. A recent review article declared it to be 'the best firewall free or paid'! You can find links to the best free firewalls, antivirus and other free security software (including those mentioned in this article) here: Free Internet Security Software. In addition, if you have never tried a password manager be sure to visit this sites free password manager page and try out Roboform. You will find Roboform to be very secure and a real timesaver.

The bottom line is- Do not purchase any more internet security software until you have carefully checked out all of the great alternatives available as free downloads on the internet!

If you have ever had to suffer through the hassle of a computer virus, you will know just how important it is to protect yourself. While the worst case scenario of having to replace your entire hard drive might not yet have happened to you, that doesn't mean it won't. A virus attack can leave you with expensive and troublesome problems, problems that could have been solved for free with a variety of internet security tools.

This article will explore some of the best free internet security programs available today. Because there are so many products available in so many different categories, it's almost impossible to provide a comprehensive overview of them all.

Types of internet security tools:

Your internet security needs will depend largely on what kind of operating system you use.

No matter what kind of operating system you use, internet security experts recommend using some of the following tools to ensure you are protected:

1) Antivirus software: Nothing beats the protective power of a good antivirus software program on your computer. Many computer users find that their choice of antivirus software is an intensely personal one. You need to weigh up the benefits of powerful protection versus, the risk of decreased computer performance, and find a good balance between the two.
2) A powerful firewall software package: A firewall can prevent internet borne threats from entering your computer in the first place! Firewall hardware is another category of protection that is quite effective at keeping your computer clean and virus free.
3) Other internet security tools: Depending on the capabilities of your antivirus, you may want to install programs that specialize in Malware, Spyware, Trojans or any other threats that your antivirus might not be able to pick up.

Many of these tools are available for free. As with anything, you get what you paid for and the only way to ensure quality protection is to pay for it! Paying you're your antivirus software and internet security also means that you have access to the best technical support and expertise. Some of the most popular brand name internet security tools can be somewhat pricey, but this cost is nothing compared to the risk of losing all your data, wasted bandwidth and ultimately a useless computer. With so many experts and conflicting reviews, it's difficult to know who to trust in the world of internet security products. It seems like every product offers the solution to almost any problems you might be having. When in doubt, be sure to look at the better-known product lines, as their bigger client base means that they have better resources to effectively deal with new problems as they arise. There have been numerous fake internet security programs on offer, actually infecting computers with viruses on download.

You can't afford to take risks with your data or your equipment, not with so many threats around! Invest some time and effort in the search for quality internet security tools, and never experience the drama of contracting malicious software.


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