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If you are one of the millions who are looking for the best antivirus freeware, then it is definitely a good idea to read through this article. The Internet is filled with spyware and malware, but are you willing to shell out some of your hard earned money for a program that you can get for free?

If your answer is no, then read the list below and see how some of the best antivirus freeware compete and even work better than their counterparts.

For the purpose of narrowing down the list, this article will discuss the three most popular choices in antivirus freeware. These include Avira, Avast and AVG.

Here are some antivirus reviews

· Avira. This is consistently on top among the best antivirus freeware programs. It has the capability to scan both internal and external hard drives and can even run preloaded scans for rootkits. It is also equipped with internal security that prevents hackers, viruses, malware or phreakers to change its internal structure and codes.

· Avast. Although this has only a limited number of features as a freeware, most users say that it is till enough to protect your computer against viruses and malicious files. Some of the features that you may expect include the anti-rootkit built in, P2P and IM protection. There are lists of P2P and IM programs that are supported, so check them out to see if Avast can protect the system that you are using. Another noticeable feature of this software is its virus chest. This like an ordinary folder in your hard drive where you can store files and then lock it up with a key to keep it secured.

· Kaspersky. The features that separate this from the rest are its integrated browser surf shield, links scanner and its identity theft recovery module. Kaspersky protects your computer against hackers, phishing scams, adware and malware that can destroy or corrupt your files. According to reviews, Kaspersky has about 98% detection rate as compared to its counterparts.

When you search for the best antivirus freeware, you will surely encounter some of the best tools in the market. However, keep in mind that your PC can only handle few or sometimes even just one of these programs. Always remember that you should select an antirust program that will not impede the stability and the speed of your system. Check the specifications and the system requirements before installing the software of your choice.

My Personal Opinion

When it comes down to it, the best anti virus and internet security software is the only thing that you are going to want to have protecting your computer. That still leaves one question, though. What is the best anti virus and internet security software, really? According to countless reviews that are scattered across the internet, Kaspersky internet anti virus protection software is the one antivirus program that deserves the title as the best anti virus and internet security software available on the market today.

For a small amount (more specifically, sixty dollars), you can get the home version of Kaspersky anti virus. The home version is built to protect one to two computers at the same time. You can also purchase the small business version that is available at a slightly higher price of around four hundred dollars. The business version is designed to protect multiple computers in a large group setting. The small business Kaspersky version works best with large amounts of computers that are all functioning at the same time. No matter which one you choose, you'll be extremely happy with Kaspersky's antivirus function because it is truly the best anti virus and internet security software available.

This antivirus software sits in the option tray in the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen and does not interfere with other programs that might be running simultaneously. Unlike some other anti virus programs, Kaspersky (in both versions) work well alongside other programs that are meant to isolate and destroy viruses. installing and uninstalling this program is very simple as the installation process is done through a step by step system that comes with the program itself. This means that there is no need for you to sit and try to figure out how to get the program to work. Overall, Kaspersky is truly the best antivirus software out there.

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